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Products - Warrior®

Warrior is a concentrated industrially-formulated cleaner designed to remove grease, oil, carbon, grime, metallic dusts and similar contaminants without the hazards associated with caustic cleaners, or hazardous solvents.

Warrior is a specially formulated, very powerful non-caustic aqueous degreaser, steam cleaning, and pressure washing solution.  It is designed to be an effective blend of cleaning agents and chelating agents.

Warrior also contains proven detergents and corrosion inhibitors that leave the surface clean and will not promote corrosion.

Warrior's blend of proven dirt, grease, and grime fighters will quickly remove even the most stubborn soils, greases, inks, dirt, and other industrial grime, soils, or stains.

Warrior is designed as a multipurpose industrial cleaner and degreaser.  Its wide variety of uses include, general cleaning around the shop or home, engine degreasing, bilge cleaning, pressure washing, steam cleaning and most any other type of cleaning use.  It may be used safely on materials, metals, glass, concrete, tile, fiberglass, or plastics.  The dilution rate of Warriorž varies depending on the application and contaminant to be removed.


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