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Products - PS-123®

PS-123 is a unique, truly green paint-cleaning solvent compound designed as a substitute for MEK, MEK/Toluene blends, and lacquer washes.

PS-123 functions well as a bio-degradable precision surface preparation solvent and is excellent for a wide variety of alkyd, oil, epoxy, polyurethane paint application equipment clean up.  It also is an excellent cleaner for removal of adhesives, inks, and oily residues.

PS-123 contains no benzene and is non-carcinogenic, is designed as a non-ozone depleting, low VOC, non-toxic, non-hazardous-air-polluting formulation that will meet and exceed current and proposed environmental emission and hazardous waste disposal legislation and regulation.

PS-123's unique formulation is an EPA approved SNAP solvent.  None of its components are listed in SARA, Title III, Sections 302 or 313.  All materials contained in PS-123 are also in compliance with the Canadian Controlled Products Act.


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