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Products - BioSlide®

BioSlide is a water dispersible blend of Methyl Soyate and Surfactants that form a clear micro-emulsion in water.  BioSlide is non-toxic and is biodegradable.  It dries completely and leaves no surface residue.

BioSlide can be used for easy removal of asphalt from truck beds, Removing Road Tar and Asphalt from vehicles, and as a release agent for Snow Plows and Blowers.  BioSlide can also be sprayed on the under carriage of Tractor/Trailer units to prevent ice and snow buildup.


Customer feedback

"We have evaluated and approved BioSlide (20% dilution).  The Boxes come back Squeaky Clean after the asphalt has been dumped.  We used BioSlide (20% dilution) as a release agent for snow blowers.  In addition to preventing snow and ice clogging, the snow was thrown further than normal which is a big plus in our books."


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