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Products - BioPerc®

BioPerc is a proven alternative to PERC for Dry Cleaning.  In a benchmark test of solvent alternatives to PERC and Hydrocarbon Solvents, CINET offered the following conclusion:

"BioPerc shows a good stain removal that is almost on the same level as PERC.  The shrinkage with test is somewhat higher with cotton compared to PERC and Hydrocarbon solvents, but was lower with wool.

"With garments, the average shrinkage was comparable with PERC and Hydrocarbons.  Graying is comparable to PERC and Hydrocarbons with cotton and somewhat higher with wool.  Hardly any pilling or roughness was seen on the test cloths.

"Interesting is the biodegradability of the solvent which is a novelty."

BioPerc is not listed on The Canadian IDL or NPRI and only appears on the TSCA list in the Book of Chemical Lists.


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