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Industries and Applications

InTech Environmental Canada Corp. is a responsible, innovative manufacturer of Earth-Friendly Environmental Solvents, Cleaners, and Degreasers.  InTech Environmental's commitment is to assist companies in reducing and/or eliminating their carbon footprint, reducing or eliminating outputs of hazardous waste, improving occupational health and safety, and providing assistince in creating a better planet.

We are a forward-thinking company who pride ourselves in developing new technologies that will reduce or eliminate the production of hazardous waste and carbon emissions, and contribute to improved workplace safety and worker health.

Our commitment and dedication has pushed our research and development to broadening our range of needed, effective Solvents, Cleaners, and Degreasers which can be utilized in every industry and almost every application.  We work with our customers in providing them with solutions to their environmentally unfriendly problems.

Have a problem?  Ask us for the solution.


Areas of expertise

  • Aerospace
  • Appliance repair
  • Automotive
  • Construction industry
  • Cylinder & suspension
  • Electronics
  • Engine rebuild & repair
  • Flow meters
  • Gunnery / Armaments
  • Humvee / Tank / Military
  • Heavy/light truck/trailer
  • Heavy duty equipment
  • Laboratories
  • Lube & Brake shops
  • Manufacturing
  • Marine repair
  • Mining industry
  • Oil & Gas industry
  • Paint industry
  • Public transit
  • Railways
  • Radiators
  • Shipyards/docks/marinas
  • Transmissions


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