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Glossary - Chlorinated Hydrocarbons

Considered very important products in the industry, chlorinated hydrocarbons are produced in large scale operations on all continents.  The large majority of these products are chemical intermediates, which means that these products will be used as base stocks to produce other chemical products in the area of fluor chemistry (e.g., fluor polymers, refrigerants), silicon products (e.g., sealing materials) and in the construction industry (e.g., production of cellulose ether).

The amount of chlorinated hydrocarbons used as solvents is rather small and decreasing.  The main applications include use as extraction solvents in the pharmaceutical industry, finishing and cleaning agent in the textile industry and in metal cleaning.  The use of chlorinated solvents is strictly regulated by different legislations due to potential damage to the environment as well as due to health and safety hazards.


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