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Frequently Answered Questions

Do you have solutions for small shops?
InTech can supply a machine that will meet the needs of a single bay shop up to multi location operations.  Contact us for more information about buying or leasing.

What is special about InTech's Machines?
The Parts Washer/Degreaser system uses a propitiatory filtration system to clean and recycle the solvent.  Due to low VOC qualities of the solvent it will remain active for many months were other solvents lose their cleaning abilities due to flashing off of the higher solvents.  Once per month the filters are changed and the machine continues to clean normally.

What is special about the solvents?
InTech solvents are low VOC, Zero-Benzene mixes.  Because the evaporation rate is lower the solvent lasts longer.

Why is low VOC solvent necessary?
Most VOCs are damaging to either health or the environment and as more governments tighten the rules fewer solvents meet regulations.

What about Biological Processes?
To be effective the solvent must be kept at 30-40°C.  The actual destruction of hydrocarbons is a slow process also the tank is an ideal growth medium for any bacterial or viral pathogen on the mechanic's hands.

How about water-based cleaners?
As with Bio-remediation, to break up and dissolve oils and grease requires detergents that in many cases cause other environmental problems, require frequent top ups and disposal concerns.

Why do you sell Aqueous Cleaners?
Some applications need soap and water.  In these cases the cleaner with the smallest environmental footprint (Low Phosphate pH neutral) can be used.

Why is this solvent so expensive?
Although the initial outlay is higher the solvent will last up to 36 months thus cost is less than $50.00 per month.

How do your products compare to our existing supplier's cheaper Citrus Cleaner?
Pure citrus polymerizes and leaves a varnish-like film on items left to soak.  InTech's solvents are a blend giving powerful cleaning abilities with no residue.

Gun Wash works well; why change?
Most Gun Wash solvents have highly unstable organic compounds that have been proved to be hazardous to the worker (Carcinogenic, Neurotoxic, Mutagenic) and the environment.

A couple gallons of water in the bottom of the machine keeps my existing solvent clean.  Do I really need your solutions?
Heavy particulate sinks to the bottom of the tank but as soon as the VOCs gas off, so you still have to dispose of the solvent.

When the solvent is spent, how I dispose of it?
After use the solvent is disposed of via normal waste oil disposal means.  In many jurisdictions companies buy and re-refine waste petroleum products.

What about the filters?
The filters can go with the other oil filters for disposal according to local requirements.

Will it work?
Multiple; Aerospace and Transportation Manufacturers and Maintainers use these products with great success, as does NATO for service of their equipment.  Depending on the application, an economical suitable cleaner can be found.

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