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Welcome to InTech Environmental Canada Corp.

InTech solvents reduce regulatory reporting demands, and reduce or eliminate the creation of hazardous waste (and disposal), exposure to toxins in the workplace, and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).  Our products are used in manufacturing, industrial, and commercial cleaning/de-greasing applications; they will reduce your employee claims and insurance costs, and increase worker efficiency, which adds to your bottom line.

Designed especially for our clients, our safe and effective solvents (hydrocarbon and aqueous) and cleaning/de-greasing solutions meet and exceed current and proposed government regulations.  All InTech Environmental products are benzene-free, non-cancerous, and workplace-safe; they are all free from hazardous and harmful air, water and soil contaminants, and pollutants.

Our approach is simple yet effective:  Our innovative chemical management practices and formulations result in products which reduce or eliminate the production of hazardous waste and emissions, improve environmental impact, and increase worker safety.


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